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Current Version v2.18.1
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Released on 27/05/2023
  • Removed /s/ from the QR code URL, old QR codes will still work WITHOUT redirect.
  • Custom Domain: you can now set a default QR code to be shown when opening the root URL of any custom domain anstead of showing your script homepage. From System > Domains > Edit.
  • Added 2 new outlined shapes: Teddy and Boot.
  • Powered By can now be removed from Plans > Edit > Features > Remove Powered By.
  • Added custom code inputs in dynamic biolinks.
  • Bugfix: frontend doesn't recognize if user is logged in or no.
  • Bugfix: add to Contacts button position is wrong in vCard+.
  • Bugfix: background image is not showing in vCard+.
  • Bugfix: box shadow is visible in vCard+ when no background option is selected.
  • Bugfix: error message is not showing when there is many missing translation keys in Translation Form page.
  • Bugfix: added an error message in invite user screen when a folder is not selected.